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Kats By Kelly
P O Box 301013
Chicago, IL 60630


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What's New in Cat Designs

Cat-tails Calendars are here!

This year brings new Notecard sets with some new designs and some classic designs that make the Purr-fect sets.

Kats by Kelly Cross-stitch Patterns and Kits are Here!
Click on the graphic to the left for a larger view.
Click here to view more patterns and order your Kats by Kelly Cross-stitch Pattern Kits.

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  • Cats Pocket Calendar
  • NEW BOOK: The Second Adventure of "Jelly Bean the Little Black Cat!"

Featured Book: Jelly Bean's Art Museum Adventure
  • Jelly Bean's Art Museum Adventure is the first children’s book by Kathy Kelly.
  • She has brought together her wonderful illustrations with her art history back ground.  This is the first of nine children’s books with little Jelly Bean going on different fun filled adventures.
  • The book is full color and for children ages 4 through 99 years old!
  • Why is the little black cat called Jelly Bean...because jelly beans have all the colors a kitty cat can be and they are so sweet like the little black cat.
  • In the message segment please write who to dedicate the book to.
  • This full color soft cover picture book features some of the classics by George Seurat, Grant Wood and Claude Monet and several living artist that you can follow after you have finished the book. So not only is this a full story it is also educational.

Featured Line of Products: IN-SYNC

Kathy created this image way back in 1984, and continues to bring it to all the cat lovers who's fabulous feline gets into the sink. Our kitty cats love the bathroom because sooner or later we will be visiting! These products will keep you smiling at that little black cat peeking out. So get "IN-SYNC". The IN-SYNC product line includes T-Shirts, Scratch Pads, Magnets, Mouse Pads, Framed & Matted Prints. Click each item for more details.

Book Keepurr T-Shirt


Da Bears! Magnet

Pink Heart Magnet

Purr-fect Pitch T-Shirt

Ireland Furr-ever! Magnet

IN-SYNC Framed & Matted Prints

Fish Bowl Scratch Pad
Cat Magnets.  Ten comical designs!
Hand Colored Framed Cat Prints

Coming Soon!
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